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Let your evening better is, when I send you lovely kiss. Let this sweet fruit full of vitamins, helps you to be healthy and feeling good. Let this small flower shows beauty of your soul. So beautiful, so simple, so clear, so sweet, not playing anything, so true, but everytime the best. С Праздником, моя самая любимая любовь)) Boring gift from the boring man... Or... Not? :) G   I   F   T
Same gift..... Simply: gift... With hard morning, it will be good day and I look forward to have an amazing evening... You are so sexy, you are so nice, you are so lovely, my love will rise. You are the best girl, you are a dream, want me to be near you all I keen. I am so sorry, for crazy word,I am just sleepy, you are my world. My heart beats for you.
.. - - . ..- . -- . ... - - . .. - --- .. - .. . -.- -.... .-- - -.- .-.- .-. ... --. -.-.  ..  ---- . -.- ..-- -.-. .. -- .-. -. . -- ... -. .-.-- --... -.-. . . -.--- .. .-- .--- .. ...-. --- .- .- ..-. -.-. - .- .-- .- ... --- .. -. .- .--. -. . .-. .--. .--. . ... --- .. .--. .. -... -. ... -- ... -- -.-. .-..- .-.-.- -... --- ... -. -.- --. ... --- .-- .. I wish to kiss your lips, I wish to send you tips. I wish to share your dreams, I wish to meet your needs, I like to surprise you, with a lot of smiles too, let just happy  you are, cause you are my nice star.
There is a lot of chocolates in this heart. All of tham tasty, looking good and saying "try me, i am the best". Someone wants to have his heart full of sweets, To try everyday new one, to feel exiting from new tastes and new experiences. It seems to be interesting to be like this, but much better is to find only one sweet, be sure that this taste is the best one from any other and to have only one in the heart, To be sure with this, to enjoy, to trust and to open heart only this, only one sweet. For the rest of life. Red strawberry like you are sweet. Inviting to watch, to try, to enjoy. When I tryed one time I never want to change I never want to leave. This is really really very sweet. Who is the first? Who is the best? Who makes all smiles? Who gives all loves? Only one girl, I feel be near. I wish to kiss my lovely miss. i send you kiss, i very miss, your lovely smile, be only mine, you are the best, have a good rest, have a good job, i dream a lot, to have a sex, today and next, day or whole week,i dont feel weak, to be your man, or all i can. its wonderfull day, with you when i may, spend whole my long day, and evening to stay. i look forward you, dream about you too, to be in your room, and share your time soon. lets take small cold drink, this you like i think, and have a good time, be all the time mine. There was one ring on this world,made from the best gold and with very nice stones.He wanted to found a finger,where he could stay forever.But most of the time he met beautifull fingers,but interesting about his stones only.One day he saw a nice finger, amazing and asked him if they can stay together.Finger answered that the ring is really nice,but the real beauty is hidden inside and couldnt be seen quickly and  easily.So the ring realized that this finger is the best one on the world and started to give him his stones untill no stone remains.After that this finger saw how much ring wants to be with him and said "you are the best from any other ring cause you lost everything for me. yes, i want you" So the ring lived with his finger and from every stone he gave to the finger they made new, little ring that was as beautifull as the origin one.
Saturday afternoon pleasure....relax and enjoy moments before long and hard evening... Do you remember we had a sex here?yes, long time ago,new year2016.But you lost your pink dildo with me,you were so wet that it slide out of camera.Today I was exploring my PC and I found it in the folder of favourite files.I thought that because of this my PC moaned all the time when I turned it on,but unfortunatelly there was some porno running as a background.Two rattle snakes made very noisy sex,fucking on a metal roof.I hope you are happy now to have back your pink dildo and you will imediatelly insert into the place where it should be,to your cunter. Fly over the world, look up to the sky, say only one word, and you are whole mine. There find your big love, for as long you wish, for all your nice life, let you are my witch.  After morning something sweet, nothing better can it be. Only may be sweet deep kiss, better will be than cake this. Good morning Afternoon coffee full of sweet dreams about me luki full of love seems.  Невозможно начинать день лучше чем с холодным пивом и с жаркой женой... Конечно шутка. Пиво только вечером жена утром днём и ночью. Пусть твой день сегодня весь только с улыбкой есть.
Я желаю тебе всё хорошо с рождеством и вес год как сказка есть. Целую тебя всегда и обнимаю тебя. Твой любимый кофе) С утра для бодрости и здоровья) To have a drink, for you to sing, about you think, only one thing, important is, to be my miss. I send you kiss, you, still i miss. Take a drink this, stay with me please. All the best to the day of the most beautifull woman on the world . Kiss you It is hard to wake up alone without you. So hard... :) Even you dont celebrate, you will not my present hate, kiss you deep and enjoy it, i look forward here you meet.... best valentin's day
i am a dreamer, dreamer about star, star that lights the night, dark bad time can over come and hope show for next time. you are as that star and heaven is your home, new year, let it s happy without any doubts. Ты была очень хорошей девочкой в этом году) Достану что-нибудь из своего мешка) Опаньки, целая яхта)) Ты заслужила, любовь моя) С Новым годом, тебя)) Morning coffe to your bed... Let's go to the sky....kiss Подарок без повода, хотя нет, повод есть; Ты лучше всех)) Моей любимой Лерочке)) С Днем Рождения тебя)) Ты самая лучшая)
Diamond ring Моей подруге.С праздником Big diamond ring Очаровательной и мужественной девушке.
С Новым Годом!

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Seksuell preferanseHetero
Høyde170 cm - 175 cm (5'7" - 5'9")
Vekt55 - 63 kg (120 - 140 lbs)
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Thank you so much***

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Спасибо Андрей (assiguratur)!!!

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Thank you luksky!

Большое спасибо Андрей))


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Валерия с наступающим рождеством тебя!!! Пусть в твоей жизни будит больше светлых дней!!!
Я очень очень люблю тебя, хоть ты и не моя, я никогда тебя не забуду💋💋💋
It is a next year started. Will it be better? Will you be more happy? Will you find answers you think about? Will you get all you want? Will you have this year very important? Will you remember this year?.....
Lera. Let the next year is as good as this one. Let all your wishes become real and let you are as happy as you were this year. I wish you all the best from the deep of my heart. I will be with you all the next year. Thank you that you are. Kisses
Привет шикарная девушка ! Поздравляю тебя с наступающим Новым Годом , желаю тебе в наступающем году счастья , здоровья , любви , мешок долларов США и чтобы сбылись все твои мечты, целую тебя в щёчку , удачи !!!
Лерчик , ты шикарная женщина , у тебя прекрасный характер , ты очень хороший собеседник и друг,целую тебя в щёчку !!!
🌸🌸💎🧡Богиня Красоты🧡💎🌸

Ты милая Валерия просто Богиня!
К чему тут слова,
Безумно так очень красива
И очень мила!
Will you approve my friend request?
Вид твоих нежно - милая Валерия женских ног в чёрных чулках, в капроне
Придумать кто такое смог?
Изящность форм их в разном тоне,
Вид несравненно стройно - нежных ног!
И для меня нет, как для мужчины вида слаще!
Я даже может быть на подвиги готов,
Чтоб нежно - ласковые ноженьки твои в чёрных чулочках всегда видеть чаще
Смотря на тебя милая Лерочка в твоём видео чате,и в грёзах своих снов.

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